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The EESCO Heat Pump was designed to overcome a number of problems regarding installing larger commercial heat pumps in multi-storey buildings. The major and most common of these being location and available space for the units. All of the heat pumps on the market including imported and locally manufactured units are single “all in one” type units - similar to the older “window shaker” air conditioning units. These units incorporate both the condensing and evaporating systems used in a single unit. The practical problem with this design comes when these units are installed in basements, as they must be able to reject the cold exhaust air to prevent recycling of the cold air and subsequent loss of capacity.

The solution to this problem was to separate the condensing and evaporating units – much like the more modern split – type air conditioning units. The evaporator can now be installed remotely in a better location to reject cold air either outside on a slab or where extraction of the cold air is possible.

Secondly when it comes to the amount of space typically available for these units – very little – we decided on a “multiplex” design. In simple terms this means that instead of having to install multiple smaller units each with its own condensing and evaporating system we can now use a single unit up to 500 kW in size with a very small footprint which is typically located in the basement. These condensing units fitted on a “rack” consist of the compressors, condenser (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger) Variable Speed Drive unit, water pump and all controls.