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The most efficient tap water system

In the tap water system, energy is exchanged through a heat exchanger from the primary to the secondary side. On the primary side, both AquaEfficiency instantaneous and semi-instantaneous models have to be fed by a heating source that can be provided by a local boiler, a primary tank or a solar system for example. The temperature of the media entering the heat exchanger on the primary side is adapted to the demand detected on the domestic side. This eliminates thermal shock in the heat exchanger and reduces the build-up of lime-scale in the secondary side.

On the secondary side, AquaEfficiency instantaneous is connected to the main water circuit and provides domestic hot water to the distribution pipe-work when tapping occurs. A circulation pump - which is usually used to limit the time needed to deliver domestic hot water to the tap at the right temperature- maintains a constant flow rate through the heat exchanger and through the distribution pipe-work. For AquaEfficiency semi-instantaneous a charging pump follows the variable flow rate through the heat exchanger according to the demand profile for the given installation, thus reducing the electrical energy consumption of the pumps. AquaEfficiency offers electronic control equipment that provides several user-definable functions to customise the system and ensures precise temperature control.


Alfa Laval AquaMicro is a complete, installation-ready district heating substation for domestic hot water. It is suitable for apartments and single family houses that are connected to a heating network. Alfa Laval has long experience in district heating technology and has developed AquaMicro with a well-considered function and simple operation. All components are readily accessible for maintenance and future servicing needs.

AquaMicro offers fully automatic temperature control for hot water. The hot water is heated by direct exchange with high capacity. This means that the hot water is always as fresh as the incoming cold water.

Small dimensions, low weight, well-designed pipe routing and self-acting control equipment ensure simple installation. AquaMicro is mounted on an insulated frame and includes an insulated cover. Better insulation means less energy usage and better energy efficiency.

AquaMicro represents the very latest technology and meets very strict long-term performance specifications. The plates and all the pipes in the unit are made from acid-resistant, stainless steel. All components are mutually tuned and are subjected to detailed functional testing according to Alfa Laval’s ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system. AquaMicro is built in compliance with PED 97/23/EC.

HEATING NETWORK – a good source of heat
A heating network is an efficient technology that meets the need for hot water in a simple, convenient and secure way.

AquaMicro is used for the indirect connection of apartments and single family houses to the heating network. A heat exchanger is used to transfer heat from the heating network medium to the hot water system. Heat is transferred through a package of thin, acid-resistant, stainless steel plates, which keeps the heating network medium separate from the domestic hot water system. A self-sensing temperature regulator controls the hot water temperature. This measures the temperature of the hot water in the heat exchanger and automatically adjusts the outgoing flow. This patented, in-house Alfa Laval design gives a constant hot water temperature irrespective of volume and pressure flow. The energy supplier registers use of energy. Measurement is done by recording the flow of heating network medium through the system, and by measuring the temperature difference between the medium’s supply and return flow.



  1. Heat exchanger and temperature controller for hot water
  2. Control valve for hot water
  3. Temperature sensor connection, heating media supply
  4. Filter for heating media
  5. Adapter for energy meter
  6. Check valve for cold water
  7. Adapter for Cold water flow meter
  8. Safety valve for domestic hot water
  9. Adapter for Hot water flow meter
  10. Heating network media, supply
  11. Heating network media, return
  12. Cold water inlet (cw)
  13. Cold water outlet (cw)
  14. Hot water (hw)

30. First fix jig including shut-off valves (option)

An easily manageable, economical and durable source of heat. The AquaMicro uses the heating network medium for heating the domestic hot water. The AquaMicro is a wall-mounted unit and is very compact. The unit is discreet and to minimize transmission of operational sounds, we recommend installing it on well insulated walls or on walls of concrete. AquaMicro requires no attendance or maintenance and has a very long operational life. In the event of requiring service or component exchange at some future date, all parts are easily accessible and individually replaceable. To save time and efficiency
the installation, Alfa Laval offers a first-fix- jig including shut-off valves.